Intelligent modularity for variable area flowmeters

Safe and easy upgrade and repair without process interruption and potential leakages


Adapting VA flowmeters to changing requirements in the field often involves a complete dismounting and exchange of the device on-site. This is time-consuming and may also expose service personnel to harmful substances when removing the instrument from the line.


The H250 M40 VA flowmeter is modular extendable, adapting to new requirements without process interruption. It allows the converter electronics to be upgraded from mechanical indication up to digital fieldbus communication in a safe working environment. As there is no re-installation of the meter, potential leakages are avoided.

Safety benefits

  • Flexible upgrade or change of converter electronics: Additional electronic modules can be added or replaced at any time without dismounting of flowmeter

  • Intelligent modularity for easy and safe retrofitting of signal converter electronics: Any adaption is possible, from analogue flow measurement without auxiliary power to digital integration into a fieldbus system

  • High degree of occupational safety for service technicians during electronics upgrade: no exposure to harmful substances

  • Significantly reduced maintenance effort: no need for tools, no cleaning, no sending to factory or re-installation

  • Keeping the flowmeter installed in the line reduces the risk of potential leakages

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Intelligent modularity of H250 M40

Variable Area Flowmeters

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H250 M40

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