Ceramic diaphragms in pressure measurement

Increased plant uptime and safety using corrosion resistant pressure transmitters with built-in diaphragm breakage monitoring


In applications with extremely aggressive media, the right composition and material selection of the measuring cell is crucial in pressure measurement. Here, stainless steel and other metallic materials quickly reach their limits. Corrosion and leakage of the diaphragm affect process safety and, in the worst case, even pose a threat to the environment, employees and consumers.


Featuring a chemically resistant, wear-free measuring cell with a ceramic diaphragm as well as integrated diaphragm breakage detection, the OPTIBAR PC 5060 process pressure transmitter ensures a very high level of process integrity and plant uptime.

Safety benefits

  • Increased plant availability and operational safety due to a ceramic measuring cell

  • Leak-free, corrosion-resistant design without filling oil prevents contamination

  • Integrated diaphragm breakage detection for additional safety 

  • 0 % porosity: no aggressive outgassing or spillage of toxic media

  • Multiple times higher overload factors as compared to metallic pressure transmitters: safe and drift free measurement

  • Wear-free measuring cell guarantees minimum maintenance and servicing costs

  • 100% hydrogen resistance: Ceramic diaphragm is not permeable by atomic hydrogen, special coatings are not necessary

  • Ceramic is ten times harder than stainless steel

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Ceramic durability
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