On-site verification

Services for basic to in-depth verification of field devices

  • Increased measurement reliability through regular status checks of measuring devices

  • From virtual device testing without process interruption to comprehensive physical inline verification, including detailed test reports

  • Functional tests with the help of customised service tools using Bluetooth, DTMs or handhelds

  • Verification carried out by experienced and trained KROHNE service engineers

At a glance

  • From a basic device check to on-site verification with extended software and hardware tests (I/O tests, electronics tests, sensor tests, etc.) to in-depth device testing with troubleshooting
  • Annual inspection of flow and other measuring points as part of a joint Service Level Agreement (SLA) with KROHNE
  • Inspection in accordance with legal requirements (e.g. in the water/wastewater sector)
  • Verification service by trained KROHNE service engineers
  • Development of maintenance plans by KROHNE
  • Manufacturer-independent verification of measurement instruments also possible

Your challenge

The functional status of a measuring device can have a direct influence on the reliability of a measurement and therefore on process stability and system availability. Regular functional tests and comparative tests of the measuring devices in the field are essential for effective monitoring of the functionality of process devices. In some cases, legal regulations and good engineering practices may require regular testing to ensure that specific requirements are met over the entire service life of the instrumentation.

Our service

To obtain reliable and verifiable information on device status directly at the measuring point, KROHNE offers On-site Verification as a service. Regardless of whether you require routine software and hardware component status checks, quick troubleshooting, or regular test report submissions, our service can assist. We assist operators in conducting regular device checks or in implementing immediate troubleshooting measures.

Our verification service ranges from a simple device check without process interruption to a comprehensive, detailed health check, including a physical inspection of the inputs and outputs of the instrumentation. The scope of the on-site verification service is up to the customer and can be specified in a dedicated Service Level Agreement (SLA) with KROHNE.

On-site verification is carried out by experienced and trained service engineers from KROHNE. The service engineers have access to a wide range of service tools - from Bluetooth-based mobile applications to DTMs and service handhelds - and can therefore also check measuring devices of different device generations and operating times.

The variety of available service tools enables our service specialists to carry out verification on measuring devices from other manufacturers. For example, KROHNE already performs manufacturer-independent functional testing of flowmeters in local sewer networks and wastewater treatment plants of large utility companies. This ensures that operators comply with their inspection cycles in accordance with the self-monitoring ordinance. By assuming responsibility for the manufacturer-independent device testing that KROHNE offers as a service partner from a single source, we are able to enhance process efficiency and reduce the customer's administrative workload.

Your added value

  • Increased device and process reliability: regular in-situ verification can be used to extends the intervals between costly and time-consuming recalibrations
  • Reliable and verifiable status information on the functional status of the measurement technology in the field: Certified verifications in accordance with international standards improve the general quality standard of the entire system
  • Qualified routine or troubleshooting measures by checking for hardware and software errors
  • Use the OPTICHECK Technology Built-in self-diagnostics and partial tests of the latest generation of devices to significantly increase safety in the field, e.g. also in safety-related applications
  • Increase system availability through in-depth insight into the individual measuring points
  • Prevent downtime through predictive maintenance: verification helps you recognise wear-related device failure at an early stage and take preventive measures
  • Reduced administrative effort thanks to a single service partner: KROHNE can also take over the verification of measuring devices from other manufacturers on request
  • Your peace of mind - KROHNE supports you in setting up your individual verification plan, i. e. by a dedicated service level agreement (SLA)
  • Everything from a single source: Certified verification tools, approved comparative measurements and documentation - optionally with test certificate

Service options

On-site verification: Basic

Basic verification enables quick and easy functional testing of a measuring device without interrupting the process. The measuring device is subjected to a defined test routine. This activates the powerful diagnostic functions built into our field devices and starts a self-test that provides precise information about the current device status of the hardware and software as well as the current measured values.

Our service at a glance

  • Annual verification or ad-hoc verification in the field by KROHNE Service
  • Test routine for electronics, cables, connections, cards, etc.
  • I/O tests, sensor tests, electronics tests
  • Creation of a test report on the verification performed

On-site verification: Extended

Extended verification goes beyond the scope of basic verification and, in addition to a virtual function test, also enables physical verification of the input and output signals of a measuring device. With the latest generation of KROHNE devices, it also utilises the extended self-diagnostic options of the "OPTICHECK technology built-in". This enables in-depth device testing via Bluetooth®, DTM or service handheld, including the performance of an automated partial proof test, even in safety-related applications. The result is a detailed test report, e.g. for the documentation of safety circuits in accordance with IEC 61508/61511 or for quality management systems (ISO 9001). The independent detailed verification of the measuring devices fulfils the requirements of third parties and complies with international standards.

Our service at a glance

  • Annual verification or ad-hoc verification in the field by KROHNE Service
  • In-depth on-site verification with maximum test depth
  • Detailed information including physical tests of input and output signals
  • Use of powerful service tools, from mobile apps and DTMs to service handhelds
  • Simplification of on-site verification by utilising extensive device diagnostics such as "OPTICHECK Technology built-in"
  • Detailed test reports for documentation and verification purposes by the push of a button
  • Extended, automated partial proof tests and verification routines in safety applications (up to SIL 2/3) possible (depending on the measuring device)

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    Service for solutions

    OPTICHECK Master

    Handheld for in-depth verification, device commissioning and monitoring

    • On-site performance check and verification (level 0,1,2) without process interruption
    • Convenient commissioning of field devices, e.g. zero calibration
    • Detailed reports for proof test documentation of safety loops acc. to IEC 61508/61511, and for quality management systems (ISO 9001)


    DTM for advanced device verification and commissioning

    • Usable with any FDT frame application from the control room or on site
    • Advanced verification (level 0,1) without process interruption
    • Detailed reports for proof test documentation of safety loops acc. to IEC 61508/61511, and for quality management systems (ISO 9001)

    OPTICHECK Mobile

    Mobile app for wireless device commissioning, verification and monitoring

    • Wireless commissioning and device parametrisation via secure Bluetooth connection
    • Verification without measurement interruption
    • Monitoring of meter performance and application parameters
    • Free download for iOS and Android