Equipment rental

Rental services for clamp-on flowmeters

  • Fast and flexible alternative to buying

  • Clamp-on technology for troubleshooting self-service

  • Quick and safe mounting without process interruption

At a glance

  • Premium rental service with terms and conditions in accordance with customer requirements
  • For control measurement and troubleshooting of flow-related process issues
  • Cost-effective service tool for the temporary monitoring of process flows

Your challenge

Removing and installing inline flowmeters almost always requires process interruption and time-consuming installation procedures. In some cases this can be avoided, for example when flow measurement is only temporarily required. This is particularly true when comparative measurements are needed for a period of time to check for flow-related problems or abnormal readings from inline flowmeters.

Our service

To help customers avoid temporary downtimes and check current process conditions quickly, KROHNE offers Equipment Rental services for battery-powered or stationary OPTISONIC clamp-on flowmeters. Customers can rent the flowmeters on flexible terms and whenever they need them as a temporary solution to check on instrumentation failure, flow rate, etc. The clamp-on flowmeters provide a high degree of plant and occupational safety without the risk of leaks or spillage of dangerous products. The rental option allows for daily flow monitoring and troubleshooting activities without the need to purchase the instrument.

Please note that this service is currently only available in certain countries. If you are interested in booking this premium service, please check your local KROHNE office for availability.

Your added value

  • Rental service with terms and conditions in accordance with customer requirements
  • Instant availability of rental equipment
  • Flexible option for on-site troubleshooting and checking of inline flowmeter performance
  • Effective and powerful service tool in the unlikely event of a measurement device failure during operation and to minimise plant downtime
  • Available as stationary or battery-powered portable clamp-on devices for use at any location, incl. hazardous areas
  • Installation without process interruption
  • High degree of process safety, no risk of leaks

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